String Quartet I

string quartet; 2003; ca. 30'

I.  slowly, feely




          II.  oppressive,           






                         III.  freely, 


Listen to the work:

Excerpt 1 (mvmt. I):

Excerpt 2 (mvmt. II):

Excerpt 3 (mvmt. II):

Excerpt 4 (mvmt. II):



Excerpt 1 was taken from a performance by University of Redlands faculty in September 2008; the other

excerpts were recorded by the Composer's Ensemble of Northern New York (Chris Lanz, director)


For excerpts and information on the third movement, see the page dedicated to the piece chants and

hymns of voices ephemeral (here).  This is the third movement of the quartet, which may be performed

as a stand-alone work.


The second movement may also be performed as a stand-alone work.


Score and parts available from the composer.

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