12 trombones (10 tenor trombones, 2 bass trombones); 2017; 6'30"

Media coming soon!  Score and Parts available for download free of charge.

Download Score (pdf) [NB: score is formatted to 11 x 14; to make the score, print on duplex 11 x 17 and have print shop cut off 3" at footer before binding]

Download Parts (pdf)

Premiere Information:

Premiered July 1st, 2017 at the International Trombone Festival in Redlands, CA with the ITA Cramer Choir, Per Brevig, conductor.

Program Notes:

Foundry was written for the 2017 International Trombone Festival at the University of Redlands, and is scored for twelve trombones (ten tenor trombones and two bass trombones).  When I began thinking about the piece and the potential sounds, colors, and general sonic mayhem one could coax out of twelve trombones, I was struck by the visual image of so many trombones on the stage of Memorial Chapel here at the University of Redlands.  That image triggered an interest in playing around with the spatial outlay of the work-- the performers are all very specifically ordered on stage so that several different kinds of spatial effects that have been composed into the piece can be realized.

Of course, brass instruments have a long history of interacting with physical space, from military signals to the Venetian polychoral repertoire, so using the ensemble in this way seemed a natural extension of tradition.  A great deal of this work utilizes this idea of the movement of sound across the ensemble-- one can hear a number of moments in the work where the sound whips around the semi-circle in some direction and back again, sometimes two lines crossing one another, among other spatial and timbral effects.  These effects, the colors from various mutes and extended techniques, and the mostly fast tempo create (at least for me) a sense of an almost mechanical, rigid beauty.  That is something of where the title, Foundry,  comes from-- a lot of metal on the stage, loud sounds, and intense, seldom unrelenting, driving enegry.

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