chants and hymns of voices ephemeral

string quartet; 2003; ca. 13'

Listen to the work:

Excerpt 1:

Excerpt 2:

Excerpt 3:

Full recording by Jeanne Skrocki and Karen Thurman-Palmer (violin), Kira Blumberg (viola), and

 Kyle Champion (cello) available on the Centaur Records CD entitled Hymns to Forgotten

Moons:  The Music of Arnold Schoenberg and Anthony Suter [CRC 3019].

Click here for information on purchasing the CD

Score and parts available from the composer.


Program notes:

This work is a kind of imagined sacred music, drawing upon a number of musical influences in its attempt to create a sound world in which evocations of extant sacred music traditions collide with other kinds of sounds and gestures. The violist intones several ornate, microtonally-inflected lines that resemble a kind of chant; these sections are alternated with responses from the full ensemble. The work ends as the lines dissipate into a cloud of high, glassy, dissolving sounds.

chants and hymns of voices ephemeral

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