as we shine,





 As We Shine, Singing, Over Waterless Seas

concert band; 2007; ca. 12'

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It is with great pride and gratitude that I dedicate this work to Thomas L. Dvorak, in thanks for his generous gift of time and energy in the cause of new music.

The work was commissioned by a consortium under the auspices of Thomas L. Dvorak in 2007, and received its premiere in Milwaukee with the Milwaukee Youth Wind Symphony in May 2007, under the direction of Scott Corely.

Consortium participants include:

Program notes:

We think of the moon rising in our night sky, though we seldom remember that the Earth, and all of us living upon it, rise over the dark horizon of the moon. The title of this work comes from contemplating the Earth’s rise in the moon’s sky, an event only a handful of people, in the entire history of humanity, have been able to experience. We have a wonderously noisy planet, full of the music of living things, which ascends in the lunar sky, allowing us to sing our songs to the silent mountains, barren craters, and waterless seas of the moon.

The work opens with a kind of “heralding” of the Earthrise, which builds to a large, static, fortissimo chord, filling the dark sky with light. As our planet hangs in the sky, the music becomes softer, leading to a kind of tranquil hymn that we may sing while in the sky. Like the moon to us, the Earth cannot stay in the sky for long, and the heralding returns, this time announcing the setting of the Earth. As we set on the moon’s horizon, our hymn is sung again, loudly celebrating, joyous—as our song continues on, even as we are out of sight.

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